Walking as a Free Person, Come Enjoy Mindful Walking with us. Sunday October 10th, 3pm

“We invite you practice and share about caring for Mother Earth, in particular how we can listen to ourselves, our loved ones, and the Earth. Continuing Thay’s legacy through our own mindfulness is the most powerful gift we can offer. We know that what nourishes and sustains Thầy’s spirit the most, is to hear all the ways that his students, both lay and monastic, all over the world, are continuing to put his teachings into practice in their daily life and in society. “
– The Monks and Nuns of Plum Village 

Join us as we engage in walking meditation on the Barre Town Bike Path Sunday October 10th at 3pm. We will meet at the Barre Town Elementary & Middle School Bike Path entrance promptly at 3pm. All beings welcome. Instruction, movement, bells of mindfulness and sharing of Earth Contemplations we will offered.

A wonderful group of beings today at the walk


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