Happy Continuation Day Thay!

Dear Thay Dear Community,We are sending love from Barre Vermont on this lovely fall afternoon. Your teachings have touched us all in ways beyond words, ways that evolve our hearts and free our minds. We are so grateful to be on this Earth during your manifestation. This afternoon we enjoyed walking meditation with an intentContinue reading “Happy Continuation Day Thay!”

Walking Meditation Oct 11, 2020

Hello Dear FriendsWe hope you will come walk with us to celebrate Thay’s continuation day, this Sunday for walking meditation up at the Barre Town Bike Path @ 1 pm. We invite you to walk with the intention of planting seeds of healing through forgiveness. Bring the name of a person (or this could beContinue reading “Walking Meditation Oct 11, 2020”

Walking Meditation

“We know that what nourishes and sustains Thầy’s spirit the most, is to hear all the ways that his students, both lay and monastic, all over the world, are continuing to put his teachings into practice in their daily life and in society. To celebrate Thầy’s “continuation day” on October 11th, we are inviting allContinue reading “Walking Meditation”

Dharma Book Discussion Group

Dharma Book Discussion Group is Full October 10th – Nov 28th, 2020Dharma Book Discussion Group We invite you to participate in an online Dharma Book Practice and Discussion Group. Together we will explore the teachings and practices of healing the inner child over the course of eight weeks. Reconciliation: healing the inner child by ThichContinue reading “Dharma Book Discussion Group”