Earth Keepers

Earth Keepers is a 45 minute ceremonial musical highlighting the connection between Earth and humans and the costs of war. Cultivating Peace Vermont wants your help with the production of Earth Keepers. Full synopsis, timeline and budget for Earth Keepers is available upon request.
Every contributor will receive a link to the live stream of the summer 2022 performance of Earth Keepers.

How can I help?

Create drawings of marine life, add color or send just the drawings.
1. Get yourself several pieces of cardboard (6″x6″ up to 12″x15″).
2. Draw a marine life creature or aquatic plant on each piece.
3. Paint/color drawing if desired, or go to step 4.
4. Mail to PO Box 78 South Barre, Vermont 05670

Email us that a package of ocean life is on the way!

Make a donation

Federal Tax ID # # 85-3005979

Three ways to donate
1. Make a donation via paypal on our home page. Simply scroll to the bottom of the page and enter your donation amount in the Donations section.
2. Send a check payable to Cultivating Peace Vermont and mail to PO Box 78 South Barre, Vermont 05670.
3. Email us at to receive an update on our progress and find out how you can help support this meaningful project.

Help Us Reach More People

Share this page on social media, ask a friend to have an ocean creature art session with you, or promote this project in another way.

Connect with the Earth’s spiritual consciousness in a world of increasing polarization, unrest, materialism and violence. Participate in healing the wounds of violence and remember our connection to each other and this Earth

Your presence matters.

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