Guided Deep Relaxation, Jan 15th, 2021 5:30 PM- 6:30 PM EST.

Enjoy a guided total body deep relaxation on Friday, January 15th, 2021 from 5:30-6:30 pm EST. Get cozy, comfortable and tune in.

Topic: Guided Deep Relaxation Meditation
Time: Jan 15, 2021 05:30 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

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Petals Of Compassion

Dear Community,
Thank you for coming out on this cool winter day to acknowledge and mourn our brothers and sisters of color killed by Police. Black Lives Matter.

Granite connected to granite. May the bodies of our brothers and sisters that have/or are near granite markers, feel our presence, we kneel with love and mourn your death. May the red petals remind us of our infinite connection, our blood and flesh are one of the same. We are all flowers in the garden of humanity, all flowers in the garden of humanity, all flowers in the garden of humanity.

Petals of Compassion Action Sunday Dec. 20th 12-1pm, Barre Vt

Hello Dear Community,

Cultivating Peace VT is sponsoring a “Petals of Compassion Ceremony” at 12 noon in Barre VT at Monument Square to acknowledge the many unarmed POC who have been murdered by police throughout the United States. We will also recite the names of those POC who have been shot, and ask participants, if so willing, to publicly voice their personal commitments regarding their efforts to stop this national trend.

Because a disproportionate number of BIPOC have been victims of police violence, we will limit our public recognition on Sunday to their names only.

This event is in solidarity with the BLM flag in Barre.

We also offer our heartfelt remembrance of all the unarmed people, of all colors and ethnicities , who have been killed at the hands of police in this great country in which we all live.

Please wear masks and take all Covid precautions.

Dec. 12th – Jan 30th Online Dharma Book Discussion Group -Together We Are One

We invite you to participate in an online Dharma Book Practice and Discussion Group. Together we will explore the teachings and practices in the book Together We Are One over the course of eight weeks. Together We Are One by Thich Nhat Hanh will guide us through meditation practices to support honoring our diversity and celebrating our connection. This group will promote practices of cultivating peace.

We encourage you to shop at your local bookstore.

For more information about Together We Are One

To register email: or send us a message

Honoring Our Ancestors, Sunday, November 1, 2020 10-11:30am EST

Many cultures throughout the world see this time of year as one to connect with our ancestors. On Sunday November 1, 2020 we invite you to practice flower watering of an ancestor of your choosing. Flower watering is a Buddhist practice of recognizing the beautiful qualities of a person and the positive energy they have transmitted to you.

To participate email us for the secure zoom link. We ask that you have present a representation/symbol of your chosen ancestor. The representation/symbol may be in the form of a picture or an item that reminds you of your ancestor (a paintbrush, a cup of soil, a clipping of your hair). We will each have time to share and participate in watering the flower of our ancestor.

“Breathing in, I see all my ancestors in me: my mineral ancestors, plant ancestors, mammal ancestors, and human ancestors. My ancestors are always present, alive in every cell of my body, and I play a part in their immortality.”
~ Thay

Let Go- Guided Deep Relaxation Session with Mary Mullaney 5:30-6:30pm EST, Friday October 23, 2020.

Email for the zoom link to enjoy a guided total body deep relaxation on Friday, October 23, 2020 from 5:30-6:30 pm EST. Get cozy, comfortable and tune in.

Creating Water for Seeds of Self Care, Saturday October 24th & 31st at 12pm EST.

Creating Water for Seeds of Self Care, Saturday October 24th & 31st at 12pm EST.

Enjoy an hour of sign making and while listening to Buddhist Chanting. Increase your consumption of positive messages in your home. One easy way to water seeds of self care is to make signs encouraging engagement in caring acts. Together we will create signs that water seeds of self care and loving kindness. This art session will be an hour long and we encourage friends in the practice to share their creations. Email us for the zoom link.

* Paper
* Pens/markers/pencils/colored pencils/paints – really any art supplies you enjoy!