Petals Of Compassion

Dear Community, Thank you for coming out on this cool winter day to acknowledge and mourn our brothers and sisters of color killed by Police. Black Lives Matter. Granite connected to granite. May the bodies of our brothers and sisters that have/or are near granite markers, feel our presence, we kneel with love and mournContinue reading “Petals Of Compassion”

Petals of Compassion Action Sunday Dec. 20th 12-1pm, Barre Vt

Hello Dear Community, Cultivating Peace VT is sponsoring a “Petals of Compassion Ceremony” at 12 noon in Barre VT at Monument Square to acknowledge the many unarmed POC who have been murdered by police throughout the United States. We will also recite the names of those POC who have been shot, and ask participants, ifContinue reading “Petals of Compassion Action Sunday Dec. 20th 12-1pm, Barre Vt”