Monday Mindful Walking for Peace

We invite you to engage in walking meditation with us to ease suffering and cultivate peace on Mondays at noon, meeting at the State House walkway in Montpelier. Please enjoy this video of Thay sharing on the importance and power of mindful walking together.

Choose Cultivating Peace Vermont for your Giving Tuesday

Greetings from Cultivating Peace Vermont! Cultivating Peace Vermont (Cultivating Peace) is a Vermont-based 501(c)3 non-profit organization established in September 2020 by two practitioners of engaged Buddhism and mindfulness meditation as taught by Thich Nhat Hanh. Cultivating Peace formed in response to a world of increasing polarization, unrest, materialism and violence. Over the past year, Cultivating PeaceContinue reading “Choose Cultivating Peace Vermont for your Giving Tuesday”

Walking as a Free Person, Come Enjoy Mindful Walking with us. Sunday October 10th, 3pm

“We invite you practice and share about caring for Mother Earth, in particular how we can listen to ourselves, our loved ones, and the Earth. Continuing Thay’s legacy through our own mindfulness is the most powerful gift we can offer. We know that what nourishes and sustains Thầy’s spirit the most, is to hear all the waysContinue reading “Walking as a Free Person, Come Enjoy Mindful Walking with us. Sunday October 10th, 3pm”

Happy Continuation Day Thay!

Dear Thay Dear Community,We are sending love from Barre Vermont on this lovely fall afternoon. Your teachings have touched us all in ways beyond words, ways that evolve our hearts and free our minds. We are so grateful to be on this Earth during your manifestation. This afternoon we enjoyed walking meditation with an intentContinue reading “Happy Continuation Day Thay!”

Walking Meditation Oct 11, 2020

Hello Dear FriendsWe hope you will come walk with us to celebrate Thay’s continuation day, this Sunday for walking meditation up at the Barre Town Bike Path @ 1 pm. We invite you to walk with the intention of planting seeds of healing through forgiveness. Bring the name of a person (or this could beContinue reading “Walking Meditation Oct 11, 2020”